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Birthday Parties: Looking for a fun new way to celebrate your birthday party? Learn a fun dance routine, have a dance party with your favorite music, and play games. Dance parties can be a theme as well. Choose between, Princess, Hannah Montana, Beach, High School Musical, or your own idea.  More Information

Tap: This class is a fun, rhythmic dance experience. Tap dancing is all about making music with your feet. This class consists of a warm-up, technique combinations across the floor and in the center. Learn many styles of Tap dance from classical to new age to funk. Everyone should give it a try!

  1 hr a week/ $38.00- Month
  2 hr a week/ $70.00- Month
  3 hr a week/ $95.00- Month

 45 Min class/ $35.00- Month

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 Private lessons available.

Ballet: This class is the foundation to all dance. Dancers learn the basic importance of turn out, proper arm and body placement, elegance, foot work, etc. The class consists of barre, center, and across the floor combinations. Each dancer will develop a sense of confidence and a great understanding of fundamentals to all dance.

Jazz: In this class, dancers will learn proper technique for kicks, turns, jumps and basic Jazz steps. Class starts with a warm-up and stretch, barre work, and then across the floor combinations. Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance for all ages. Dancers will dance to classic Jazz music, some broadway music and definitely the music of today.

Hip Hop: This style of dance consists of a street jazz, hip hop, and music video style. Hip Pop is a fun, energetic, and sometimes intricate style of dance. This style, like Hip Hop, is very popular today for all ages. Come and learn how to dance like a music video dancer! Combination: This class is an introduction to Ballet and Jazz. Little dancers will learn the basics in both styles. They will also play games and participate in other activities during the class. This class is a great introduction for the young ones just starting dance.

Toning & Conditioning: This class consists of techniques and exercises to help boost dancers flexibility, stamina, and over all conditioning of the muscles. As a result, dancers will be able to jump higher, turn more, while feeling strong and confident.


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